For as long as humans have been around, they have had animal companions. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of wonderful animals out there that do not have a forever loving home. When people search for a new pet, they usually search for a puppy or kitten, forgetting about the thousands of rescued animals just waiting to share their love with others. People are afraid that these animals are somehow “damaged”. They worry that they will never be able to adjust to a normal family life, that they will be frightful animals, and that they will have a variety of behavioral issues that will make them unsuitable for family life.

It is certainly true that those types of rescued animals do exist. Some of these animals have been terribly abused and neglected, and this has left them with a serious distrust of people, a fear of loud noises, and more. Those who run animal shelters are fully aware of this, and will never allow a difficult animal to go home with someone who does not have a suitable home, or the suitable experience to deal with such an animal. Hopefully, the following information will enable you to see just how special rescued animals are, giving a voice to those who need one.

Why Rescued Animals Can Be The Best Pets:

With dogs in particular, people are afraid that they will have poor social skills, making them unsuitable as pets. They worry that, because a dog has been abused in the past, it will be distrustful of humans meaning that it can become unpredictable, either to its masters or to strangers. Of course, the biggest concern is that such an animal could potentially cause harm to a child.

There is never any guarantee that an animal won’t harm someone, or another animal for that matter. However, this is true for all dogs, not just for those who have been rescued. The same is true for humans. Just because someone has had a bad past, does not mean that he or she will be a bad person in the present. The past doesn’t define someone, just as it doesn’t define an animal. Yes, a dog who has been abused will be less trusting of humans, but that trust is something that can be earned. And this is particularly true if the dog is one that has a loving personality.

One thing that will give you a lot of insight into how a dog will behave, is how badly it has been abused in the past. However, even dogs that come from the most horrific backgrounds can still learn to be excellent pets. It simply means that you have to take responsibility for teaching them the necessary social skills, and that may take some time. You will need to break down through their walls, and that takes a lot of dedication. Again, the shelter will be very honest about this, and they will also make sure that you really are capable of managing such a dog, and bringing back its loving side back. If not, then there are plenty of rescued animals who do not come from horrific backgrounds, or who do not have behavioral problems.

There are many different reasons as to why rescued animals exist. Unfortunately, there are still many people who take on a dog at Christmas, only to find that it is too much work for them. Then, there are people who have to relocate and can’t find a new home. Or someone may have had a baby and found that their baby is allergic to dogs. Not all rescued animals come from abused backgrounds, in other words. Of course, some do and while it is certainly true that these dogs have trust issues, they want to be loved just as much as any other dog.

When the dog was abused is also of importance. The fresher the abuse, the harder it will be to get the dog to trust you. However, all dogs can re-adjust to being human companions if they are simply shown that they can trust people again. Many rescued animals can become some of the most playful, loving, and loyal dogs around, because they have been shown the attention that they need. These are the types of dogs that lift other people’s spirits, reminding them that life may be hard but there is always a silver lining.

The hardest dogs to readjust after abuse are the older dogs. They often lack the energy they need to recover from this and very few will ever be trusting of strangers. But that does not mean that they are a lost cause. They can be incredibly friendly, loving, and affectionate, particularly towards the human who eventually rescued them. It often takes a little bit longer for this bond to develop, but the dog will get there with patience and dedication. Just as with humans, it takes a while to create a true bond, to develop a relationship and to experience real love. The same is true with dogs, and particularly those that have been abused. But think about the wonderful thing you are doing by ensuring a dog does not have to live out its life unloved and all alone. That alone is worth the little bit of extra work.

Some people look down on rescued dogs. They are often not pedigrees and they don’t have the upbringing to be classed as “perfect”. This type of snobbish behavior, however, is an attitude that most people would do well to abandon. The obsession with pedigree has caused many genetic problems in dogs, and it is also one of the reasons why there are so many rescued animals: a dog that looks really good might not behave as good as they had expected. Labradors, for instance, known to be beautiful, loving, gentle dogs, are also incredibly big and clumsy and many people simply cannot cope with that. If you are looking for a new pet to join your family, and you can truly provide a forever loving home, you might want to consider rescued animals.