It takes a certain kind of person to buy a minivan. It is one of the few vehicles on the market today that provides enough space, versatility, and function for a family’s busy lifestyle. Since the primary user of minivans is they family, there is good reason why extra care should be taken to ensure the van’s overall safety and efficiency before deciding on purchasing a particular minivan.

Over the years, you’ve probably seen a host of minivans come and go for different reasons. Some have been reinvented, redesigned, and others have been completely discontinued because they just didn’t measure up to the constantly changing needs of the public. One can fully expect that each year minivans will offer newer features and some of the old ones will quietly fade into the background. For that reason, if you’re planning on buying a minivan sometime within the next year, you need to know which ones have made the grade and what to expect. Below is a list of what we believe are the top 5 minivans for 2018 that can help you narrow down the options you need to choose from in your effort to make the perfect choice.

5. Kia Sedona

One of the reasons the Kia Sedona is ranked high is because it is one of the most affordable minivans on the market. While it is lacking in extra cargo space in comparison to other vans in the same class it makes up for it with other features. Some of its pros include a hushed cabin space and seating for up to eight people. It also scored a high 9.7 in safety ratings and an overall 8.0 out of 10 by the US News and World Report consumer guide. For an affordable and comfortable ride, the Kia Sedona may be one of the best options out there. However, if you’re looking for a more family friendly vehicle or one that is more fuel efficient then you’ll probably find some of the other minivans on the list to be a better match for your needs.

4. Toyota Sienna

Another one that seems to be very popular with reviewers is the Toyota Sienna. Not only does this minivan meet all the standard testing requirements with a high score it also comes with a long history of safety ratings to go with it. In addition, it is the only minivan on the list that comes with an all-wheel drive feature so you are pretty much safe to drive it anywhere. With a safety rating of 9.0 it did not score as high as the Kia Sedona but it makes up for it with an overall score of 8.4. With a large cargo space and ample interior room the Toyota Sienna could be the ideal choice for large and busy families.

3. Chrysler Pacifica

When it comes to minivans, the Chrysler Pacifica scores right about the middle of the packl. The van comes complete with more features than most people could possibly know how to use including excellent fuel economy, spacious interior, and easy maneuvering. It scored high in driving safety with a 9.4 and got an overall rating of 8.7. This is the perfect van for the family that wants all the bells and whistles but doesn’t want to pay a higher price for them. Since most of the features are automatically included as standard on the van, you get a really nice ride without having to pay for all the extras.

2. Chrysler Pacific Hybrid

Another Chrysler Pacifica, this hybrid offers the same bells and whistles of its standard partner but rates higher when it comes to easier maneuverability. Not only do you get a minivan that is easy to drive but you also get one at an extremely affordable price and that’s before you haggle. With an upscale interior everyone in the family gets to ride in total comfort and with its exceptional fuel economy it is definitely a van to consider. Ranking high in safety with a 9.4 and an overall rating of 8.9 out of 10, this minivan is prepared to deliver in a number of ways that other similar vans struggle to meet.

1. Honda Odyssey

The number one minivan on our list of the top 5 minivans for 2018 is the 2018 Honda Odyssey. It is the only van that received a perfect score when it comes to safety and its overall rating at 9.4 makes it one of the most popular choices for next year. It comes loaded with a host of features and is completely family friendly. With seating for up to eight people and excellent gas mileage a family can enjoy a highly affordable ride that has allowed for every possible need in its design.

Choosing from the top 5 minivans for 2018 for your family means you must consider all sorts of things. While price is an important consideration in any major purchase, it should never be the most important or the only factor. Minivans are often the go to vehicle for families so safety should be an essential factor that must be weighed before making a final decision. These vehicles have changed drastically over the years and will likely change even more in the future. However, for now, the minivans listed above have already passed the test for 2018 with high scores in numerous aspects.

When deciding on the right minivan for your family, think about the size of your family, the ages of the various members, and the individual needs. Consider the functionality of the vehicle and all of its primary purposes. You also want to think about versatility and the ease with which you can switch from one purpose to the next. Usually vans with removable seats, easy adjustments, and easy access rank highest among the top 5 minivans for 2018. Buying a car in general can be a time-consuming experience but it always helps to have some basic guidelines to help you in making your decision. Regardless of your unique needs, it always pays to do a thorough research in order to make the right choice for you and your family.