It is estimated that more than half of new businesses start to fail within the first year. Most of those failures will not be the result of poor management or for delivering a product or service that is subpar. A great deal of them will fail simply because the public was not aware that they existed.

Starting a business is a major undertaking. It requires a huge investment in both time and money but all of it can be for naught if no one knows you’re there. For that reason, thousands of businesses, new and old, will be looking for all sorts of ways to let people know who they are, where they are located, and how to find them.

It’s no secret that marketing can be a very expensive undertaking but it is crucial for the success of a business. The cost of advertising, logo design, and targeting your audience can be cost prohibitive for a new enterprise but there are many affordable ways to let people know you’re there. Getting a free listing in Yellow Pages is one.

Why the Yellow Pages?

Of all the marketing tools out there, the Yellow Pages is probably the most identifiable. No matter where you live or the product or service you need, Yellow Pages has built up a strong reputation for generations that people identify with. As a matter of fact, in some areas, if a business is not listed in the Yellow Pages it’s not a legitimate business in the minds of some people. How many of us are familiar with the slogan, “Let Your Fingers do the Walking”?

The Yellow Pages have been around for more than 100 years giving it a long lasting reputation. A business listed within its pages almost automatically receives a different level of respect. It is used in almost every western country in the world and probably many eastern countries as well. While it may not come in the printed book form anymore, the Yellow Pages is still the first go-to spot for consumers ready to buy. So, if you want to get your business name in a place where most people go to first, then having a free listing in Yellow Pages could very well be the way to get that recognition that your new business needs.

Furthermore, there is one more very important reason to get a free listing in Yellow Pages and that is exposure. In the past, the Yellow Pages in print form was used primarily to find local businesses that serviced the immediate community. If you wanted to purchase a new air-conditioner, you would look up air-conditioning businesses in the Yellow Pages and find a listing of all those businesses in your area. There was no need to look any further than the list you found. But today, shopping for products and services is very different. People do not shop exclusively local anymore. With online shopping more convenient and easy, people can purchase things from all over the world. There are no more limitations; you can do business with just about anyone in the world. Now, with the Yellow Pages online your business can get national and even international exposure. This can give you lots of exposure that goes far beyond what basic marketing can do.

How to Do It:

Getting a free listing in Yellow Pages is very simple. However, to be listed in the online Yellow Pages, it might be a good idea to have a website that is already up and running. Once you are ready to do business, go to one of the Yellow Pages main outlets to get started. There are several to choose from; SuperPages, AT&T, and Fast 411 are a couple.

Once there, you want to first make sure that there is not already a listing for your business. If not, follow the links for setting up a new business and answer all of the questions listed. You will have to provide specific information like your business name, address, and website URL. You can list as many phone numbers as you want and give as much detail as you need.

What’s in a Free Listing in Yellow Pages?

The Yellow Pages takes millions of free listings from all around the globe. You can specify exactly where you want your free listing to be seen but that’s about it. Take the time to look over other businesses similar to yours to gauge your competition. If you want to make your business stand out from all the rest, add a logo, a banner or some other type of decorative artwork, or you might want to upgrade to a paid listing.

The free listing in Yellow Pages is usually very basic and will only contain information about the services you offer and contact information. This might be enough if your business is entirely unique and you have little to no competition in your area. Many businesses start with a free listing and wait for a period of time to gauge how well this generates business. If they feel they want to boost it up again, they may later opt to upgrade to a paid advertisement to gain more exposure.

The Benefits:

Exposure is the key to any successful business and the Yellow Pages gives you that exposure. Even if you’re an offline business, the global exposure is worth it. You may find that once you are listed in one of the Yellow Pages, other Yellow Pages in different areas may automatically pick up your listing as well.

There is nothing more important to a business than being identified. If you’re serious about extending your reach, a free listing in Yellow Pages not only connects you with the public but it also connects you with a name that has been representing business for well over a hundred years. That kind of association can do wonders for your business and it may be all you need to push your name to the front of the pack. This is extremely important for all businesses but if you’re a new business trying to get noticed nothing can beat free marketing in the Yellow Pages.