Did you know that 71% of all prospective home buyers use the internet to find their next home? This is a revolutionary figure, but also one that shows you need to rethink your strategies, whether you’re selling your home or buying – particularly if you haven’t gotten online yet. The days of people driving through neighborhoods to see if they could find a house for sale are long gone. People now simply trawl the internet looking at the various homes for sale and then picking one from there. If you have a house for sale, and it isn’t online, chances are it won’t sell at all.

Listing Homes For Sale Online:

When you create your listing, you will be able to provide a wealth of important information straight away. All your standard details, like number of bed- and bathrooms, garages, kitchen size, included appliances, square footage, and garden, can all be included. Naturally, you can also add your contact details. But the biggest benefit of all, and the reason why selling online is so much better than the old fashioned way of selling your home, is that you can add lots of photographs as well.

What hasn’t changed, however, is that it is all about curb appeal. This means that people who first see your home, immediately get a sense that it is something nice, and where they would want to live. The great thing about the online listing, is that you can add photographs of your property and showcase the curb appeal straight away. Of course, you do need to make sure that you take the photographs properly, so that omes for sale look as good as possible.

Key photography tips include:

1. Adding at least 10 pictures to your listing.
2. Highlighting all the good things, and also the unique things, about the property.
3. Taking your pictures with the right lighting, so that they look bright and cheerful.

Next Steps to Take:

Now that you have placed your listing online, you will have to prepare for the large number of viewings. Many people who have homes for sale organize open days, which means that a lot of people can view the house at the same time. Others prefer to have individual viewings. There is no right or wrong in this, but you do have to properly prepare yourself.

A lot of people go out to purchase new furniture and fittings when they showcase their home. This is, in actual fact, the opposite of what you should do. The people who want to view your house are interested in your house and not in your character. This means you actually need to de-personalize it, showcasing it as a blank canvas, but a comfortable one.

One of the things that often shocks some people, is that it is recommended to remove any personal photographs you may have in your property. You should also remove all books. You cannot assume that your family is a role model for a prospective buyer, nor that they like to read, after all. Essentially, what you need to do is get rid of all the personal clutter. Some of that is obvious: clean up your laundry basket, leave your nightstand clear, and make sure that you don’t leave mail lying around on the dresser. You need to showcase a home that looks lived in, but neutral.

You will also be aware of the fact that there are many homes for sale in your geographical area. This means that you have to do something to show potential buyers that your home is more special than others. If that means taking all your personal belongings out, then so be it.

You also have to make sure that your home is clean. You should do this after you have removed the clutter, however, when you can see exactly what needs cleaning. You should also make sure that all your counter spaces are completely empty, so that a buyer can see how much space is there. Get rid of all the rugs, because while they may make your house look cozy, they also make it appear smaller.

Once you have decluttered, you need to perform any necessary repairs. This is cosmetic only, most of the time. You don’t have to completely re-plaster a wall if you can get away with painting over a crack. Fix those dripping taps and replace cracked tiles. If possible, paint every wall in your home in a neutral color such as magnolia.

You should now have a property that is free from clutter and that has been appropriately repaired. Now, it is time to clean. And this should be a deep clean, truly leaving the house completely spotless. Bring in a cleaning company for this, which can make sure your windows look immaculate, your grout is clean, and the dust is completely removed. You don’t want a prospective buyer to pick the house down the road over yours, simply because you had a dust bunny flying around!

Do also make sure that you tidy up your garden and yard. This is all about curb appeal, and also about showing the potential your home has to be anything someone may want it to be. Keep the grass cut short, get rid of all the weeds, and generally make sure that things look low-maintenance and easy to change. Again, it is about being neutral.

The furniture that you have left in the house should now be properly positioned. Large furniture should be removed where possible, making the room look larger. You should also scatter your furniture, rather than placing all of them along a single wall.

You are now ready to have an open house, or to let individuals visit your property. This is an exciting time, because someone who will walk through your door will be the next owner of your house. No matter how many homes for sale they have already viewed, you want yours to be the one they pick. One final trick to have up your sleeve, which is the oldest in the book but genuinely works, is to have cookies or a fresh apple pie baking in the oven when they come.