Sometimes, finding cheap business class flight deals can be a very difficult task. You want to make sure that you’re getting a nice enough travel experience, but you don’t have the cash to bump your seat up to anything that’s more expensive than economy. With fares that can run into thousands of dollars per seat, it’s tough to determine what you need to do to get the flight you want – without winning the lottery.

The good news is that there might be a few simple ways that you can improve your chances of getting a business flight without having to break the bank. The following tips for finding cheap business class flight deals could help you to get the experience you deserve.

1. Travel at the Quietest Times

If you book a flight where there’s countless of free seats going spare, then most of the time the airline won’t mind if you simply upgrade your seat to fill in the gaps. If there’s space going free in business class, and you’ve already paid for your economy ticket, simply ask whether it might be possible to upgrade for free. Just remember that there’s always a chance that you could be told no.

2. Sign Up for Emails and Error Alerts

Ideally, if you want to stay ahead of cheap business class flight deals, then you should begin by signing up for a newsletter subscription with the airline of your choice. This means that you should be the first person to know whenever someone accidentally makes a mistake when typing out a price for fares. If you’re the first to notice when an error fee goes up on the internet, then you can snag your tickets while the prices are low, before the airline has a chance to fix it. Even if the prices go back up again, the company will need to honor the price that you paid.

3. Show Your Loyalty

Sometimes, all you need to do to improve your chances of getting a business class flight, is show your favorite brand just how much they mean to you. If you can join the loyalty program for the airline of your choice, then you will be the first to get a reward. Make sure that you get a card for your loyalty bonuses, so that you can flash it at the airport when necessary.

4. Upgrade Your Seat with Points

We collect airline points for a reason, so you might as well use them to your advantage whenever you can. Using air miles to fly with your chosen brand up front is an incredible experience, and it also makes more economic sense too. Generally, you’ll get more from your loyalty points when you spend them on an upgrade, instead of buying an economy ticket. Most of the time, you’ll get special deals when you use points for your purchase, so soak up the benefits when you can.

5. Arrive Early for Your Flight

If you’re leaving all your hopes and dreams around getting cheap business class flight deals to the last minute, then it makes sense to turn up early for your flight. Some airlines only have a couple of upgrade places available, and you’re more likely to grab them if you’re the first person to arrive at the check-in gate. Of course, if your plan backfires, you’ll be sitting in the airline lounge for much longer, but at least you’ll know that you’re not going to miss your flight.

6. Be As Flexible as You Can

Sometimes, cancellations and problems with bad weather don’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. When there’s a plane-load of passengers waiting to be rebooked, many airline agents will be happy to welcome the news that you can wait a day or two for an upgrade. Most of the time, if you’re willing to be patient, then you can benefit from extra incentives and rewards as a result. Of course, remember that when you call the airline, you’ll need to highlight the fact that you are only happy to wait a little longer if you’re going to get something great in response.

7. Turn Up Late for Your Flight

Now this is a particularly risky option to take if you have an important trip to go on, or you’re planning a family vacation. After all, there’s always a good chance that if you turn up late for your flight and you don’t reserve your seat then you won’t be going anywhere. However, if you’re incredibly lucky, then you might just be able to snag a last-minute deal by rocking up right on time. Upgrading late can be a great way to save yourself a lot of money, but it could also mean danger if you really want to go on your trip on a specific day.

8. Dress the Part

Sometimes, if you want to live life like the rich people do, then you need to dress the part. You don’t need to wear a full suit and tie, but think about how you can upgrade your appearance to look as professional as possible. Improving your overall look could mean that you’re the first person the airline comes to when they realize they have some spare business class seats. After all, it’s up to the company to make sure that they maintain a certain tone throughout the cabin. This means that you’ll need to fight a lot harder to get an upgrade if you’re wearing a tracksuit.

9. Be Kind and Polite

Finally, remember that kindness always pays, so remember to show your manners when you’re going on your next trip. Speak to the attendants in the airport, and be as courteous as you can. The more you can show off your kind side, the more likely you are to get similar treatment in return. Remember, although shouting and screaming might seem like the best way to get what you want in certain circumstances, you’ll win more with honey than you will with salt. Stay polite, and even if you don’t get an upgrade, remember to say please and thank you.